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Every year, thousands of temporary working visas are approved, and alien families from diverse backgrounds are excited to experience a new adventure! While career advancements are a reason for a family to celebrate, this also brings new challenges for those accompanying them, as expat wives or trailing spouse. 

Unfortunately, not every country or company has managed to develop accommodating policies for foreigners' family to adapt to the new environment quickly. Some countries that experience massive immigration might even attempt to discourage foreigners from seeking work opportunities by limiting the number of working visas/permits, setting expensive fees, or giving boundaries on the type of work you can apply. Contributing to that, it is not uncommon to hear hate speech from particular groups who firmly believes that foreigners "steal" their opportunities to work, "destroy" the culture and violate the law by illegally entering the country. 

These factors resulted in significant limitations for professional women who decide to accompany their husbands' career opportunities. In many cases, they enter the country as temporary residents, but without a work permit. For those who are free to seek a change in their visa status or acquire an additional document such as employment authorization, the process can take months or even years. 

These limitations result in significant delays to enter the working market or advance in their professional careers. For some, these can even mean abandoning their career altogether! 

We were in this situation. Understanding how facing these circumstances can be a real struggle; we created this platform to help all wonderful women out there -- to share stories, to seek answers, and to build each other in this uncertain time of our life. 

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