Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thriving Aliens Community for?

We aim to provide a safe-space and inspiration for foreign women that are allowed to become temporary residents in a foreign country but are not allowed to work.

How can I join the Community?

We are always welcoming women from all backgrounds to join and support each other! 1. You can subscribe to our newsletter. 2. Comment on the articles. 3. Contact us to publish your own article. 4. Join our private group on Facebook to talk with other women that are struggling with the same challenges.

Do I need to pay to be part of the Community?

Thriving Aliens is not a business and does not charge users for being part of the community or engaging in any of the online activities. We will never ask for your personal data such as phone number, address, credit card or bank account details. However this is a Community with members from all around the world, while most accounts are legitimate, there are unfortunately many people out there who are trying to take advantage of people in desperate need. Either, by offering unlawful job opportunities or legal advice on migration status. Please avoid any conversation that suggests these possibilities and always report to the Community Moderators of any suspicious activity.

I have a working visa or work permit. Can I tell other women in the Community on how to get theirs?

We are always thankful for Community members that help each other. However, please refrain from giving any legal or financial advice in the Thriving Aliens Community. Every country has different laws, and situations vary depending on each individual. Even when the intention is good, recommendations without all the professional knowledge could place the person at risk of losing their visa. Please keep the community safe.

I am an Immigration expert or lawyer. Can I advise the women in your community

We appreciate all the people who are trying to help women struggling with a work permit or visa. However, this is not the place to raise money, meet clients or self-promote yourself. Do not promote your products, programs, "free" offers/invitations, blog, podcast, or any social media content that is self-promotional. Even if it is free content, do not use the community to promote your own products.

Can Thriving Aliens help to get my work permit?

The Thriving Aliens Community does not offer legal help to immigrants seeking to settle their legal status in a foreign country.

Can you tell me on ways to make money without a work permit?

The Thriving Aliens Community is not intended to serve as legal or financial advisors. Do not disregard, avoid or delay obtaining legal advice on your migration status, citizen or tax duties from a professional because of something you may have read on this site. The use of any information provided on this site is solely at your own risk.

Do you think laws that limit us from working in a foreign country are unfair?

The Thriving Aliens Community does not intend to fight or engage in political activities related to any country anti-immigration law.