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Hello! My name is Angelic Ingram and I'm a Native Californian, Mindfulness Coach, Expat Wife and the founder of

A Mindful Journey to Freedom. My expat life started in 2008 when my British husband and I were living in California (which is where we met). He received a wonderful business opportunity that required him to relocate back to the UK, so together we decided to make the move with our Chihuahua, Carlitos.


Several months after our transition into the beautiful countryside of England I started to feel a shift take over me. I began to struggle with feelings of loneliness as my husband was commuting into the city everyday and I still hadn't made any friends yet. I was left alone with nothing but housework and my thoughts. Then I started to feel resentment as he was interacting with his mates and creating his social circle in the city.


It started spiraling down from there, I allowed myself to get caught up in my thoughts, that were mostly negative, and I didn't know how to move out from it. Of course this frustration started to affect my relationship with my husband and we began having more and more arguments around it. On top of this, I was being ostracized by my sisters back home for no apparent reason and this was the most hurtful and disappointing part of it all.


So there I was, feeling like I had no purpose because I couldn't work and I was missing my clients back home, I was fighting with my husband more and more, I had no friends and my sisters weren't talking to me. I was lonely, frustrated and depressed. I blamed everyone and everything around me, I was frustrated with the changes in my daily life in my new home and I wasn't giving anything a chance at all.


It wasn't until I woke up one day and said, "That's enough!" I knew I needed to find some guidance and remove myself from all of the chaos around me. That's when I met my coach. I found her online during a search for personal support and guidance. We connected immediately over the phone and I could tell in her voice that she 'gets me' and her gentle energy is just what I needed. Later, I came to find out that she, too, was an expat so it's no wonder that I connected with her!


Through my work with her, which was a difficult but amazing process, I was able to open myself up to the abundance that was there waitng for me.

I realized that the 'chaos' wasn't around me... it was inside of me. I was the one who wasn't seeing my potential, feeling my joy or the confidence that I thought I had lost. I learned how to let go of the blame, resentment and even the feeling of loneliness. It wasn't until I moved through all of this that I was able to open myself up to all of the opportunities I had in front of me and in my new community. I started to volunteer and I joined various groups where I made many great friends!


Although my sisters were still not talking to me and refused to see me (still don't know why!) I was able to release the hurt and sadness around it and find my peace. I had to let them go and hope that one day they would invite me in again (which they eventually did!). I had to love them from afar.


My marriage became so much stronger as I was able to speak my truth to my husband instead of being fearful of his response or not wanting to bother him with my thoughts and feelings. We now have a stronger more loving way of communicating and we always find our way through the hard times (he's my hero!)


So many lessons were learned in the beginning of my expat journey and I'm extremely grateful for having 'hit bottom' when I did. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have found the joy, love and success that I have today. That brutal and disappointing period of my life brought me to a light where I have the ability to choose love over fear, joy over hurt and responsibility over blame. As I continue to move through my mindfulness practice and live each and every day with good intentions, I am forever grateful for my expat life. It's been an amazing journey and all of my experiences around the world have been empowering in so many ways!


Before I left the UK, and repatriated back to California in 2017 to care for my mother, I received my personal coaching credentials in London and decided to dedicate my practice to the expat community. I now guide expats through their emotional and mental challenges after relocation. I offer them a safe and mindful space to do the work necessary so that they, too, can realize and live in their greatness and create the life they want!


My business was built from my heart & soul and it gives me such great joy.


Wishing you all the same!

Angelic x

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